Chimney Safety Inspection & Cleaning
We start by closing the damper, covering the fireplace opening and covering the floor with drop cloths. Next, we go up to the roof, clean the cap, and brush the chimney flue from the top. After the flue is clean we use a strong light to make sure everything is all right. Then we come back in to clean and vacuum the firebox and smoke shelf, and check to make sure the damper is working properly and that all is safe to use. This is all done in a clean and dust free manner.

Old Time Chimney Sweeps utilizes the best technology available with our Sootsweeper system.

Pellet Stove Inspection & Cleaning
Pellet Stoves, just like a fireplace, require an annual inspection and cleaning to ensure proper function and your safety.

Chimney and Flue Relining
Bring new life for old chimneys with our chimney and flue relining systems. Even though your chimney may be in good condition on the outside, the inside could be a completely different situation.

Bird and Animal intrusion Problems Solved
Birds and animals are notorious for making their homes in chimneys. We provide bird and removal services to ensure the safe operation of your chimney.

Masonry/Top Crown Repair
Years of rain and sunshine may take their toll on uprotected chimneys and cause serious damage to your masonry work. Our experts can perform most masonry repairs in order to ensure the safety and beauty of your chimney.

Chim-Scan Video Chimney Scanner
Chim-Scan makes it easy to obtain a detailed picture from inside your chimney.